Writing More About Less – in 15 mins a day

Every day I turn on a computer, either at work home or my laptop on the move, I purposely set my chrome homepage as this blog page. Originally it was with the intention of reminding me I wanted to maintain the page and guilt myself into writing more regularly. Needless to say, it hasn’t really worked. I have spent most of the year quickly changing tabs or debating internally whether I should just shut the page down as to avoid embarrassment or disappointment.

I think it is time to re-think. In a higher education, where so much of my writing has to have a significant purpose I still believe I need another outlet for my thoughts and ideas. The added factor of a blog being in the public sphere, like my twitter account, means that to some extent I will work harder to keep those thoughts ordered and linked to the things I pay attention to as I go about my daily business.

I have a deadline to meet today for my first collaborative writing venture. I have about another 3000 words to complete by the end of day, so of course I spend my first 20 minutes in the office reading a blog post about writing, instead of writing – for purposes of “inspiration” of course!

Amongst others, my preferred #AcWri advice go-to blog is @ThompsonPat . Her posts are short, sharp and straight to the point. I regularly visited her page whilst writing my thesis and I know find myself going back through her archives for help as an early career researcher and academic.

This morning I read this post on coping with writing anxiety – a great topic as we head on into the new academic year and all writing plans turn into a whirlwind of chaos. Reminding me yet again to get back on that horse of writing more about less for a short period everyday – a warm-up exercise if we must. Reading the post I was also reminded of @JoVanEvery who helpfully begins every September timeline with a reminder of her 15 minute a day #AcWri challenge . Exactly the time it has taken me to click on ‘new post’ and write this down.

So here it is, I’m going for it again – facing my anxiety and trying the 15mins a day writing diet throughout this semester – for my blog outlet and all those imagined posts I write in my head throughout the year that never make it to the screen!



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