About Me


My name is Dr Jack López I am a medical and social anthropologist specialising in barriers to healthcare, sexual health and care ethics. I also work with the design and ethics of collaborative ethnography. My broader interests are intimate life, gender and intersectional life-course in societies affected by violence and/or conflict.  My research region is principally, though not exclusive to Mexico, Latin America and the UK.

Outside of academia I am an EDI and cultural sensitivity consultant, please contact me directly for project and workshop quotes.

This website is where I write in order to communicate my ideas to an audience beyond academia. I am committed to the personal and political in all aspects of my scholarship and musing. I am happy to converse critically and at length about the topics featured in these pages if you wish to contact me.

I speak English and Spanish. My pronouns are he/him.

How to find me: 

Twitter: @anthroLopez


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